Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Field Family Christmas!

This was our 3rd annual Field Family Christmas party. It takes place every year in Nibley Utah at my Dads youngest brothers house. It never fails to put us all in the Christmas spirit. My Aunt Julie is an amazing cook and she puts on quite the food show. Her homeade rolls are the best. Each year we draw names and also do an ornament exchange. Its always a Field Family brawl. This year the hot ornament was a John Deere Tractor ornament and my brother Tyler ended up going home with it. Our children were spoiled beyond belief, as well as their parents. It always so much fun to spend time with my Dads side of the family, although it is hard because he is no longer here. This time of year always makes me so grateful for all that I personally have been given. This year we were blessed with another bundle of Boy Joy, Carter John. He has a personality much like his momma. He is a smiler and he laughs at anything Dallin does. I am also very grateful for my marriage. My husband is the most supportive man and I am amazed at the love that i still have for him after 6+ years. he is my heart. He is also by far the best dad, he is so interactive with our boys and he truly loves to play and hang out with them. I still ask myself how I got so lucky. I am also very grateful for siblings that I love very much, between my brother, sister and I, we had 3 babies in 3 months. WOW are family dinners chaotic now! Tyler and Karlee are always there to lend a helping hand or offer to babysit. It so fun having kids together so close in age! Wow as I reflect back on 2009 I personally have been through alot. All of which trials have made me stronger. I have learned more about myself this year than any other year and im grateful for those friends that have truly been there for me. Looking to 2010, well all I can really see is that we booked a cruise in April to Mexico with some friends and we cant wait!!!! Much lies ahead for The VanDyke Family in the coming year..... and No folks a baby is not one of them! ha ha ha From Our Family to yours we wish you all a very Merry Holiday and great Blessings in the new year to come!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our little Carter John!

Ok so many of you have been asking how are little angel has been doing since the discovery of his severe acid reflux! He is doing SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!! Carter is so amazing because he is only 5 months old and for about the first 2 months of his life, could not hold anything down! He is now on formula call Allimentum-$30 for a 16 oz can. we go through about a can every other day, (yes, I know, very expensive!) he is on Zantac 2 times a day, and he also has to have rice in his bottle to help hold the formula down! At his 4 month weight check he weighed 11lbs, which is not very big, but we will take it! In 5 short months I have fallen head over heels in love with this little sweetie! He smiles like CRAZY!!!!!!!! I get tears in my eyes everytime he smiles at me, it is just so cute! He also reaches for people! Well, the first person he reached for was his favorite Aunt Karlee! He loves the sound of his Daddy's voice and he looks all around the room for it if he hears it! He laughs at everything Dallin does, he literally laughs so hard he cant breathe. Doesnt matter what Dallin is doing, he laughs if he can see him! Carter is a MOMMAS BOY, which is good for me because Dallin sure isnt. Carter has been sleeping through the night since he was 2 months old, we put him down around 930 and he wakes up about 8-830! I am so blessed to have these two amazing baby boys in my life! I love them both with all of my heart and they are my soul, Daddy too! Well thats the update~Love and wish you all a fun fall!xoxoxo

Monday, November 2, 2009

Run the bases!

So for the last two years my brother and Drew have been putting together a softball team. They love it and the kids and I love to come and watch them play! Dallin has become obsessed with softball and "runnin the bases". He is such an active boy and he loves to watch his Dad and Uncle play. Well, a few weeks ago it was to cold for me and Carter to go but Dallin just had to go with Gommy and watch the game. When my mom brought Dallin and Drew home she pulled me aside and told me a story that ultimately put me in tears! I guess their team played that last game of the night and after the game Dallin went running out onto the field to meet Drew, the two began to walk the bases! :,) It brought tears to not only my moms eyes, but to my brother as well! My Mom said she was speechless! She said she was amazed at how much fun Dallin was having with his Dad by doing something so simple! So recently I witnessed this myself! It is all that Dallin will talk about! Sounds silly, but I truly am so grateful for the father that Drew is to our boys! Thanks babe, I cant tell you enough how much I love and appreciate all that you do for us! Love you to the moon!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thanks Brooke!

One of my dear friends did some professional pictures for us last month, she did an amazing job! Thanks Brooke Love you!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why is Drew so amazing?

Ok so Ive been getting a lot, and I mean a lot of crap because Im always talking about how wonderful my hubby is! So I will tell you a little story to help illustrate why I think he is so great! So we recently had family pictures taken, and after getting the pictures printed Drew asked if I would get him one for his desk at work! So me being the overweight, extremly unattractive wife that I am, I put it off and put it off! No way I will be displaying my fat, ugly self on my husbands desk for all to look at. So finally Monday he asked if I had his picture for him to take to work, I said "Yeah, but Im not letting you take it to work, Im too embarrassed about the way that I look!" Then of course I break down into an uncontrollable sob, I am quite frankly ashamed of the way that I look. After calming me down, Drew grabbed my arms looked me in the eyes and said "Honey, I think you are the most beautiful woman in this world. It hurts me to see you be so hard on yourself. Im taking our family picture to work, I dont care what you say!" So friends this is the reason I am consistantly praising Drew. He makes me feel like I really am the most beautiful woman in this world. I love you honey! Beauty is only skin deep!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome Waylon

We are excited to announce the arrival of Waylon Curtis Field!!! He weighed in at 8 lbs 12 ozs and 20" long on September 21, 2009! Congratulations Tyler and Kristen! We are so proud of them and we know that they are going to make great parents. Just a little thought.......over the last 3 years I have been able to enjoy seeing my brother interact with my sisters kids as well as mine. It has been so neat to see him as an uncle, he is so interactive with the kids and he does whatever they want. Well, what a treat for me and Karlee to go to the hospital today and finally see my brother as a father. Its tears me up everytime! I am so proud of him and as I sat there and watched him hold his sweet baby boy in his arms, I feel nothing but gratitude and happiness. Tyler has been such a good sport on the other end, and now he finally gets to be the Dad! Its a bittersweet feeling also because we have a missing piece to our puzzle, my Daddy! I know he is in heaven smiling down on his children, proud as ever because of all we have done. We are still a family no matter what and I'm sure Dad got to play with the kids before we did. Anyway, now the craziness begins.....Sunday family dinners will no longer be quiet and uneventful.....with 4 boys and 1 sweet little princess, they will be out of this world crazy~ Cant wait!!!!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lots going on!

So this week (and the past few) have been super crazy! My super amazing husband Drew has been working 65+ hours the last two months and we haven't really gotten to see him too much, however we are grateful he has such a good job and that he loves what he does! This week my sweet little Carter weighed in at 8lbs 14oz. at almost 3 months old.....yes I know not very big but this little bug had a rough start. Friday we welcomed Payslee Jo Trease in to the family! Weighing in at 6lbs 13ozs she is a beautiful little girl and her mommy did a great job! I was lucky enough to be there when she was born and it was a wonderful experiance for me. I also watched the birth of her big brother so I consider myself a pretty lucky Aunt! We had family pictures today and that was quite a morning! Dallin and Carter were both very good, but Dallin ran out of smiles towards the end and it made for a long afternoon! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Waylon Curtis sometime in September, that will be the last of the Grandbabies for my Mom for a while, My Mom, who couldnt be more excited for the craziness about to enter her life! I am loving my life and having so much fun being a Mom! I am so excited for what lies ahead for us as a family, and could not be more grateful for such a wonderful life!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

6 amazing years!

Today Drew and I celebrate 6 awesome years together! I am so lucky that Drew chose me to be his wife. It was so funny because all day today we kept saying to each other "Who would have thought that we would have two kids after 6 years!" Drew is the most amazing part of the two of us. He is the one who never takes things too seriously and always keeps his crazy wife grounded. I am so lucky that I will be his wife for the rest of my life. I cant imagine it any other way. My love for him is unconditional and will always be. He has made all of my dreams come true in just 6 short years. We spent the weekend in beautiful Bear Lake, thanks to my awesome brother and his wife. They own property and a couple of four-wheelers so they were nice enough to let us enjoy our anniversary in a very beautiful place! Thanks guys. I want Drew to know how wonderful he is to me and how lucky I am to have him in my life! I am also so grateful that he is the father of my children, they are so lucky as well. I love you Drew, with all that I am and I can't wait for many more happy anniversaries with you!

"Just ask it will be done and I will prove my love, until your sure that I'm the one."

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Brit got an iphone!

So for months I have been wanting a silly little thing called an iphone, ever heard of em? Well my sweet little husband finally gave in and we had to renew our contract anyway so my spoiled ass got an iphone. Drew thinks they are a waste of money, but I however think they are cool and fun to play around with. I am going to make him play with it so he will change his way of thinking! Thanks honey! I love you and I know I am spoiled!!!!!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th Family fun!


We started the day by going to the Riverdale parade, Dallin made out like a bandit and got a huge bag full of candy. Then we went to visit our cute little nephew Haden who turned 3 on the 4th of July, what a cool birthday! Then we went to a bbq at our good friends, The Keller's, and had a good ending to a fun 4th of July. We love our friends and family so much and we are so glad we got to spend it with them. We are grateful for our independance everyday, and for those who keep it that way! God Bless America!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One Month-Already?

I am very sad to report that my sweet little Carter John is oficially 1-month old!! Yes I know it came too fast and Drew and I can hardly believe that only one month ago we were blessed with another little bundle of boy joy! He is such a good baby and has had a few struggles with formula. But I am so blessed to have another perfect little man in my life. His big brother is starting to warm up to him but is still a little jealous. The last month has brought our family so much happiness and we are so excited for many to come. A few things I would like to say about my sweet little "tiny" man are
1. When he hears Drew's voice he looks all over for it.
2. In the middle of the night when I feed him he always gives me the same curious look as if to say "I kind of like it here"
3. He loves to be held! I love that I can just pack him around all day.
4. Dallin loves to talk to him. Dallin told him yesterday that he will teach him to mow the lawn when he gets big!
5. His fingers and toes are so long! Everyone always comments on how long and skinny they are.
6. When I sing "You are my sunshine." to you, you always calm down. I know what the readers are thinking because I might have sung to all of them too and they would probably start to cry.

Carter John, I love you more than you will ever know and I am so lucky to be your mommy. I think you look just like Grandpa Curt. You have already brought us so much happiness and light. Our love for you will always be unconditional. You are a wonderful addition to this family and we are so excited to watch you grow. I love you little man and I will love you always.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Some pictures!

So thanks to Elisa, Terese, Jilyn and Rachael for letting me know how to add pictures to my blog~Finally......Here are a few. Thanks girls I love you all!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thanks to my BFF!!!!!!!

So I just wanted everyone in this world to know (or just those that read my blog) that I really do have the Best Best Friend!
I had been telling my Best Friend Brittany that I wanted her to be there when Carter was born, to her that was no big deal except for the fact that she lives 3 hours away! I told her I would not be upset if she couldn't make it considering the fact that I was not exactly sure when he would be making his debut. So when my water broke at 12:45, I immediately called Drew (of course) and after hanging up with him Brit called me and asked how I was doing. I told her "Well my water just broke so do you think that it would be possible for you to come out?" With no hesitation she said "Yes! I am leaving now!" Keep in mind it was a 3 hour drive that my sweet friend had to drive. Luckily she made it in 2 hours and 20 minutes! She had plenty of time too because She got to sit there for 5 hours. After sharing the wonderful moment with us, she told us she needed to go home so that she could make it to work the next day. SHE IS A TROOPER!!! She indeed drug her sweet little daughter and made the drive home the same night!
Brit, I just want you to know how lucky I am to have you as my Best Friend! I love you and I am so glad that you got to be there for this awesome experience. Thanks for all you do for me and for always being there. I love you!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Carter John VanDyke

Carter John VanDyke was born at 9:06 p.m. June 3 2009. He weighed in at 6lbs. 8 oz.
He is such a good baby and we are doing well. Dallin loves him already and is still a little confused about why he has not gone home to his own house. He still calls Carter-that baby. Oh well. Pictures are soon to come! Our life could not get any better. Thanks to all of our friends and family for the food, gifts and visits.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A wonderful Mothers Day!

My day was beautiful! I cooked breakfast for my entire family (I loved it). Then we got to visit our Mothers and Grandmother. What a wonderful day to celebrate Moms. I then spent the day with my husband and my son, who are the two reasons I am a mother. Thank you so much Drew and Dallin I love you both with all my heart! I also want to say how much I love and appreciate all my Mom, Kathy, has done for our family. She not only set the Mother standard, she continues to be a great example to her kids and Grandkids.
Funny thing going on for the Field girls (me and my sister Karlee) and my brothers wife Kristen (who is a Field girl now) we are all very PREGNANT!!!! We must have drank the same water or something. I am still not sure of how it happened, however, we are so excited! I am due in June, Karlee is due September 5th and Kristen is due September 30th. So much fun! My Mom is so excited she can hardly stand it. Karlee is having a girl (the first one) and Kristen is getting a sweet little boy. I think it is so funny that all of my Moms daughters are pregnant. We are taking lots of pictures, it might not happen this way again.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Nothing going on lately!

The VanDyke house has been, well, pretty lame lately. Nothing really exciting, just getting the house ready for the little bundle of boy-joy that will be here in less than 6 weeks. We are getting so excited and Dallin asks me everyday if his "budder" is here yet! We have moved Dallin into a big boy bed and he loves it! He runs in there every night to sleep and for naps. Drew has been very busy at work and I know he is a little stressed. I am feeling very, very good for once and I am so glad. Our Dr.'s say that Carter is looking wonderful and that he is just shy of 4 1/2 pounds.
Just a side note here. Really it has nothing to do with the previous paragraph. I feel like the luckiest woman alive! I have a very loving and supportive husband, he is the strength of our family and I know that without his dedication to his family we would not be the family that we are. Drew tells me at least twice a day, "Thank you so much for staying home with our babies and taking such good care of them!" Enough said. I have a son who continues to amaze me everyday. He wakes up with a smile on his face every morning and I love that he appreciates lifes small pleasures. Yes, I get frustrated with him, and that is the best thing about parenting. No matter how mad a child makes you, you still have this unconditional love for them. Dallin loves his Daddy and it is so sweet to see the relationship that he has formed with his Dad. Their favorite thing to do lately is to read. Dallin listens so well and he just wants to absorb everything that the book contains.
Anyway, I just think sometimes I might not be the most appreciative person in this world. But I truly am. I love my family. Their is really no other way to say it.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Carter Update!

Drew and I went and saw our Perinatologist on Wednesday, and..........Carter looks great. His growth his right on track and they took a 4D ultrasound, and he is the sweetest thing ever. He looks just like Dallin. Kind of weird. Drew was glad he was able to go with me because he missed the last appointment and work has been crazy busy. I now have to have a Non-Stress Test twice a week until Carter is born. I am at very high risk for still births because of my chronic hyper-tension. I think I can do it! Maybe just eight weeks left. I am so excited and I am cant wait to finally meet our little angel.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I just have to brag!

So the VanDyke house got some great news Thursday night. Drew got a promotion working for the same company just doing something a little different. He is the new Quality Control for SLC. It was a great job oppurtunity for him and I am so proud of him for getting the new position. He will be commuting everyday, which is okay because he has a company truck, and he will be doing most of his work at the new City Creek Center in downtown. I am very proud of the choice that he has made and I love him so much. A giant leap forward for us! He is really missing his friends though and that has been the hardest thing for him to do and one of the reasons he was wondering if he should take the job! He will still see them on occasion and he hopes that they will keep in touch with him and that their friendships will stay strong. In the end friends are all ya got really! I just had to brag because I am so proud of all he has done for himself and for this family. Love you sweetie!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A moment for Mommy

So last night we were getting ready for bed and Dallin and I were just sitting on our bed. I looked over at Drew and said "Oh man this belly is getting big!" Drew was rubbing my belly and said " Well, yeah but it's cute!" And then this is the conversation that followed:
Dallin: Mommy, Can I hold Cotter?
Me: Um , no not for a few more weeks, but then you can.
Dallin: Why cuz?
Me: Just because he is in my belly growing big before we can hold him.
Dallin: Can I kiff (kiss) Cotter?
Me: Yeah, you can kiss my belly.
Dallin: (Talking and rubbing my belly) Hi Cotter, I kiff you, I ub you. I wanna hold you. I pay trucks wis you. Bye baby budder, see you gator gator.
Me: Crying to hard to say anything else.

Well, after that I am now sure that Carter knows that his brother loves him very much. Dallin is such a loving kid and he is so excited to be a big brother.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh Wow what a weekend!

K so my weekend totally sucked. I started to not feel good on Wednesday and I told Drew my neck was hurting really bad. So I woke up on Thursday and decided that I might die, it hurt so bad. So I called my Dr., who was more than caring to listen to a whining pregnant girl at 8 o'clock at night, and told him that I was in a ton of pain. He told me to try to sleep one more night and if it got worse to go to the after hours. So Friday I start to feel a wee bit better but I wanted to make sure that I didnt have something serious. So Drew and I went to an after hours clinic to get checked out. The diagnosis-a strained neck muscle. Yeah right, you mean my neck has been broken, that is how bad I felt. So I was prescribed a muscle relaxer and told to sleep it off. Well guess what, Saturday night I thought it was over and done for me. I told Drew to just take me to the ER because I know that it is not a strained neck muscle. So off to the ER we go on Saturday and 9 p.m. and luckily it was a slow night and we got right in. Diagnosis-How about influenza A. Yeah that would explain why my head feels like it is going to explode. The Dr was so nice and made sure I was comfortable and off to home we came. I dont feel much better but I am glad I dont have a rare disease like I thought I did. So what other health problems can I get? I am 6 months pregnant, have Influenza A, and I also have high blood pressure. Wow, could it get any worse? No, but luckily as usual Drew has been great and in less that 3 months I will be holding a brand new baby boy! I cant wait!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

This really sucks!

Okay so just for fun (not sure why) we put our living room furniture on KSL to see if it would sell. Well, it did in like one day. So we went in search of new furniture this week, hoping that we could find something in stock. Yeah right! We spent two days finding what we wanted and guess what? It wont be here for a week. This really sucks! We just got a new t.v. also, makes it interesting when we have no furniture to sit on. Oh well. Good problem to have. We have painted are getting new carpet too. I cant wait to finally enjoy my house not being torn apart! I am proud of all we have done to our cute little home. I love it and I dont think I will ever move.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Just do It! It's fun!

I saw this on another blog and I thought it would be fun!
Answer these questions to the third blogger on your list.
The third person on my list Suzy!

1. How long have you known this person? Um like 6 months

2. What color hair does this person have? Blonde

3. What kind of car does this person drive? A Tahoe or a Maxima

4. Does this person have kids? Yes 1 girl

5. How old is this person? Um 25 I dont know.

6. What is this person's favorite food? Um I am not sure, maybe pizza.

7. Does this person have a special talent? Typing fast

8. Does this person like flowers? Yeah she is a girl

9. Is this person married? No but she will be in May!

10. What is this person's middle name? I am not sure, but I will ask her the next time I run into her.

Okay now if you are on my blog you should do this!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Drew is amazing!

So I am sure that as I am posting this it will take me about 24 hours to do it because I wont be able to stop crying like a baby! So since Friday I have been on modified bed rest and have been extremly tired due to the medication I have been taking. So I have had to depend on my sweet, amazing, loving, caring, and compassionate husband. Those of you that know Drew dont need me to explain what a wonderful guy he is because you already know. So for those of you that dont, I am telling you now. I woke up this morning to him mopping the floors, and shaking the rugs off. He had a load of laundry in the wash, and Dallin was already dressed and fed! I got to get in the tub and relax while he continued to shovel the driveway, and keep Dallin occupied. When he came in he made sure I was comfortable on the couch and then took Dallin by the hand into the toy room to play. What an amazing Dad! Dallin and Drew read books, made lego people, flew helicopters, and tickled each other for more than two hours. I want all of you to know how lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband and son. I thank heavenly father everyday for those two (soon to be three) boys. Drew also drove us to SLC to see a Dr. in a blizzard. When we came home he made sure I was laying down and relaxed. I dont know how I got so lucky to have Drew as my husband, but let me just tell you, my love and appreciation for him is unconditional. He is such a good example to me and I am so lucky to have him as the father of my babies. I love him more than anything and I would be lost without him.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I got some bad news!

I had to go to the Dr. on Friday because I have been getting the worst headaches and I was concerned that something might be seriously wrong. Well, my blood pressure was through the roof! So my Dr. has put me on a Blood Pressure medication, I have to see the Dr. every week-including a Perinatologist, and I am on modified bed rest and I cant work, and I have to have my blood pressure taken twice a day. Isnt that great! I have had a pretty rough time with the news and I am just hoping and praying that it wont be for too long, I am getting bored. Oh well, I will do what I have to do. Drew has been so amazing and I am not sure what I would do without him. He is the greatest husband in the world. He has done everything around the house for the past two days and I cant begin to thank him enough. Anyway, the medication is helping and I am doing alot better.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Honey Sugar

Okay so my little Dallin has got to be the sweetest thing ever. Ever since I was little my Mom has called my sister and I "Sugar" . I don't know why other than, sugar is sweet and so am I. ha ha ha. Anyway, apparently my son has caught on because this morning when I got up, he was lying next to me of course, and he was awake looking at me. I said "Good Morning, my little buddy" and he immediately said " Hi, honey sugar!" I stared at him for a minute and then with tears in my eyes I realized he was combining what my husband calls me-Honey, and what my Mom calls me-Sugar. All morning if he needed something he would say, "Honey Sugar". What a sweet little son. Now when he makes me angry and I am ready to spank his butt, I will remember he calls me "Honey Sugar" and I wont do it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's a Boy!

We had our twenty-week ultrasound today and guess what? It's another little bundle of Boy Joy! My Mom has done two ultra-sounds in the past week, and told us both times that it looked like a boy. Ever since the day we told Dallin I was going to have another baby he has said that it was going to be a "budder". We should have just taken his word. This little guy, like his brother wasted no time showing us the "boy part" he got right down to business! We took Dallin and my Mom with us and it was a fabulous day. We are so lucky to be blessed with another healthy baby, and we make boys pretty cute, so why not try another one. We are thinking for a name it might be Carter John. John is my Brother and Dads middle name and it was my Grandpa's first name. This way he will have the same initials as my Dad Curt. Everything looks good with Baby, and his Daddy and I could not be happier. So here comes another little man in my house where I will now be outnumbered. Oh well, I love all my boys so much and I have never been happier. Loves...........

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My little Dallin is 2!!!!!!

It was two wonderful years ago today that I gave birth to the most amazing child. I did not know what to expect becoming a first-time mom, but let me just tell you I did not ever believe in love this strong. I have learned so much from him and I have loved wathcing him grow into this curious, funny, little version of Drew. He is so much like his Daddy and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful little family. Dallin has taught me so much about unconditional love and how to love that I am amazed each and everyday how much I learn from him. They grow up too fast and I would not trade one minute of it. Happy Birthday little Buddy!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Dallin and his blanket!

Okay, so I am posting this because I feel like it is funny but, making me a little mad at the same time. So when I found out I was having a boy (Dallin) I began making quilt after quilt after quilt and so did my mom. So by the time Dallin was born he began his sweet life with at least twenty handmade, precious quilts. Well he has never really had a favorite until my sweet Mom gave him one of my brother Tyler's, old baby blankets about eight months ago. Well to be honest it isn't the cutest thing ever, however it is Dallin's favorite, and I mean favorites. We have tried to trick him into liking many other blankies, but to no avail. He loves that light blue, worn-out, elephant blanket. Well matters became worse when we told him it was Uncle Ty's he liked it even more. He takes it everywhere and he will not sleep without it.
I guess I just feel a little sad that I put all that hard work into making him blankets that he doesnt even like. Oh well. I will post pictures, when I figure out how.