Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Field Family Christmas!

So this evening we had the pleasure of going to Nibley, Utah to have our annual Field Family Christmas. WOW!!!! It was fun. My Aunt Julie is an amazing cute and she makes the best homemade rolls ever!!!!!! We had an ornament exchange and then exchanged gifts. It was so much fun and it totally put us all in the Christmas spirit. It makes me feel so good that even though my Dad has been gone for 13 years, we can still get together with his family and share all of our fun memories. That is what the season is all about. I got some fun pictures and I will figure out how to post them. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Help us if you can!!!!!!

So it is a Field, VanDyke, and Trease Family tradition every holiday season to find a very deserving family in need of a little help this Christmas. We have chosen a very special family, who I am keeping their name a secret however I will tell you a little about them. It is a Grandmother and her husband who have taken custody of their three small Grandchildren ages 3, 5, and 7. The Grandfather just lost his job due to a layoff at a local manafacturing plant and the Grandmother is working full-time to provide for her family, times are definately tough for this special family. I know money is tight for many of you out there as it is for my family as well. But I know in my heart that this family deserves the best Christmas ever. So....... I am asking my friends, family and fellow bloggers out there to help our family out if you can. We would really appreciate any small or large donation you would be willing to give us to help this very deserving family out. Leave me a message if you have anything (money would be great). My email address is Just drop me a message and I will get with you and take your donation. We are planning on delivering the gifts and treasures to the family on the 18th of December. I would love to have the donations by then. This is the third year in a row we have done this and nothing brings our family more joy and thankfullness than giving to others. I hope you all have a very Happy Holiday and Our family would really appreciate anything you could help with. Love Always Brit.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Karlee's Big Day!

So many of you were there to share in the special day with the Field-Trease family. My sisters wedding was nothing short of AMAZING!!!! My mom is very, very decorating-talented and she and Karlee did a FABULOUS job of making Josh and Karlee's day beautiful. It took place on October 4th at Sherwood Hills Resort and I was the Maid-of-Honor, and thanks to alot of hairspray and makeup I looked pretty good. Anyway, I know have a problem, Some of my blog followers want to see pictures and I dont know how to put them on my blog, HELP!!!! Just tell me how and I will be forever grateful. My dear friend Liz has already dedicated a whole evening to showing my computer-retared self how to do it and I hate to ask her again because then she will know how really stupid I am. K if you help me the sooner I can show you all the beautiful day. loves and hugs!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tell me what your are thankful for!

So I was listening to the Kenny Chesney Christmas Album today and I heard a song that I have heard before but was unaware it was a Christmas song. However, It was called "Thank God For Kids" and I thought what a perfect song for Thanksgiving ( I know I am weird) So if you havent heard the song please, please, please find it and listen to it. I cried and cried and cried. It makes me so grateful for my little buddy Dallin and how grateful I am for him and of course his Daddy. Our lives changed drastically when Dallin was born and it was all for the better. I have learned so much about unconditional love, and I am truly grateful for that. I know it is a bit cliche, but I really am grateful for the love I have and the love my husband and child have for me. Tell me what you are grateful for. I loved hearing about all of my friends and their fun family traditions, and guess what I am going to start one this year too. So this is my next request, tell me what you are grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Your Thanksgiving Favorites!

Okay so in light of the Holiday this week, I want to hear what my friends and family favorites are! I love so many things about Thanksgiving and I am most excited for the FOOD!!!!!!!!! My favorite thing to eat are the mashed potatoes and gravy, my mom makes the best gravy ever.
If you read this you must post a comment telling me what your faovrite food or family tradition this time of year is. Come on you know you want to! It will be fun to see what everyone likes.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

We went on a road trip!

So this weekend we took a road trip to Roosevelt Utah to see my best friend and her family for her birthday! We had a blast! It took about two and a half hours, but it was worth it! We got to see Brit's house and hang out with her family for a few days. We went over to Vernal and went to the Dinosaur museum and Dallin loved that! Britt took such good care of us and it was so fun to see her! One of the highlights of the trip was actually the ride home when a semi swerved in front of us and Drew yelled "idiot" and of course our sweet little Dallin repeated it the whole way home. Oh and how he calls me "Honey" I think he learned that from his Dad too. We enjoyed the trip and are so grateful for friends like Ty and Brit and of course Delci! Love you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am pregnant!

So Drew and I went to the Dr. today. AND............ I am officially 7 weeks pregnant. We are so excited that we have been given the oppurtunity to become pregnant again. We had been trying for about two months and apparently my husband and I are a good match. We are so thrilled and I am feeling great! Seriously. June 22nd is the expected due date and I am so happy! I love my family very much and am so grateful Drew and I are going to bring another child into this world together. I love him with all of my heart and I am grateful for such a wonderful companion. I love you Daddy!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My mom was meant to be a grandma!

Wow are Karlee and I lucky! So Tuesday my mom had the day off and she came over to hang out with Jaxson, Dallin and I. She loves these boys more than anything in this world and when she gets the day off she always wants to spend it with them. So I leave and run a few errands and my mom stayed at my house with the boys. I was gone for about an hour and when I got home, I stood at the door in tears wathcing my mom play with Jaxson and Dallin. The reason-my mom was playing "drawbridge" with the boys. She would put a blanket across the ottoman of the chair and lay it on the couch, she would hold the blanket and let the boys take turns walking across it, when the boys got to the middle she would let go of the blanket slide and the boys would fall into the "quicksand". Kind of a dangerous game for a Registered Nurse to be playing with her grandkids. Oh well, they had a blast. Apparently she had been playing this since I left and she continued to play it for about another hour. My mom has been such a great support system to my family and we would not know what to do without her. She has so much fun playing with the boys and she loves to take them to do whatever they want. As many of you know, she also spoils them to a disgusting degree. They only wear the same thing maybe twice. However aside from the material things she does for our kids, she also spends most of her spare time with them.My mom was meant to be a Grandma. One of the many things my mom does that I just love is, Every month she buys a book for each of her grandchildren. She writes a special note in the front so that everytime they open it they will read her note and know how much she loves them. Dallin loves for me to read the notes to him, he always points at them and says "Gommy" I love my mom with all of my heart and I think she is a wonderful Grandmother, and mother. I am who I am because of her.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I am getting better at this!

I have grown up in a family full of seamstresses, and I decided that I wanted to learn how. My mom rarely has time to teach me, but she is more than willing. I started by making a blanket for Dallin last Christmas out of his receiving blankets that he used when he was little. It turned out okay and I totally winged it. I didnt even pin the stupid thing. But with a little help from my mom and a ton of encouragement from Drew, I have become a lot better and I have taken a class with my mom that has helped me. Not much but some. A few weeks ago my sweet Aunt Chris taught me how to make a baby blanket and I have been making them like crazy. I even taught my friend Kelly and we sold a few of them at a boutique. Anyway, my new adventure is a pair of pj pants for Drew and my brother for his birthday. I have got the pattern cut out and I am working on them and I will post pictures of the projects I have done and the one I am currently doing. Hopefully you will see the same improvement that I can see in myself. I dont pat myself on the back too often, but I think I deserve this one.

My two little buddies!

Okay so I have been watching Jaxson since he was about 7 months old and it has been so much fun. He and Dallin have become more like brothers than cousins. I have loved spending almost everyday with my Dallin and my Jaxson. However, two boys around the age of two are more than entertaining and stressful. So Dallin is totally obsessed with bikes and trucks, so that is how he spends his day. Dallin has a personality much like his Daddy and he is learning to cause a little trouble along with his cousin. Dallin loves to throw and pretend hit, which just boggles my mind, why would a twenty-month old like to hit? Go figure. He loves his Jaxson so much and I know that having him around has made Dallin so happy. Jaxson on the other hand is so full of "piss and vinegar" as grandma Kathy would say. His new favorite thing to say to Aunt Brit is "NO" and oh how I love that. He is no dummy and he knows what to say to anger me to the point of laughing so hard I can hardly stand it. These two boys are so much fun, and challenging at times, but I would not trade having them in my life for anything. They continue to amaze me all the time and they are learning so many new things. I love you boys!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You all know I love my friends!

Okay so some of you may think I am a total sap, but I love, love , love my friends and I treasure them. So I chose to post a blog about my best friend Brittany Lamb. She is the best! I have known her for about 4 years and she is just one of those people that you meet and love. She would do anything in the world for me and my family and I love her like a sister. She is such a good mother, wife and she is one of the hardest workers I have ever known. I call her just to talk about nothing, and I love to hear what she has to say! So for those of you that read this, why don't you post something nice about someone you love! Love you Brit!!!!! P.S. I love all of my friends!!!!!!!

Hi, I'm new to this!

Hey fellow bloggers, I am the happiest person alive! Why? You ask. Well let me tell you about myself. I am married to Drew, the most amazing man alive and I have a 22 month old son named Dallin, whom I love with all my heart. We just purchased a home and we are in the process of making it ours. I love love love my life.