Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Field Family Christmas!

So this evening we had the pleasure of going to Nibley, Utah to have our annual Field Family Christmas. WOW!!!! It was fun. My Aunt Julie is an amazing cute and she makes the best homemade rolls ever!!!!!! We had an ornament exchange and then exchanged gifts. It was so much fun and it totally put us all in the Christmas spirit. It makes me feel so good that even though my Dad has been gone for 13 years, we can still get together with his family and share all of our fun memories. That is what the season is all about. I got some fun pictures and I will figure out how to post them. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Help us if you can!!!!!!

So it is a Field, VanDyke, and Trease Family tradition every holiday season to find a very deserving family in need of a little help this Christmas. We have chosen a very special family, who I am keeping their name a secret however I will tell you a little about them. It is a Grandmother and her husband who have taken custody of their three small Grandchildren ages 3, 5, and 7. The Grandfather just lost his job due to a layoff at a local manafacturing plant and the Grandmother is working full-time to provide for her family, times are definately tough for this special family. I know money is tight for many of you out there as it is for my family as well. But I know in my heart that this family deserves the best Christmas ever. So....... I am asking my friends, family and fellow bloggers out there to help our family out if you can. We would really appreciate any small or large donation you would be willing to give us to help this very deserving family out. Leave me a message if you have anything (money would be great). My email address is Just drop me a message and I will get with you and take your donation. We are planning on delivering the gifts and treasures to the family on the 18th of December. I would love to have the donations by then. This is the third year in a row we have done this and nothing brings our family more joy and thankfullness than giving to others. I hope you all have a very Happy Holiday and Our family would really appreciate anything you could help with. Love Always Brit.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Karlee's Big Day!

So many of you were there to share in the special day with the Field-Trease family. My sisters wedding was nothing short of AMAZING!!!! My mom is very, very decorating-talented and she and Karlee did a FABULOUS job of making Josh and Karlee's day beautiful. It took place on October 4th at Sherwood Hills Resort and I was the Maid-of-Honor, and thanks to alot of hairspray and makeup I looked pretty good. Anyway, I know have a problem, Some of my blog followers want to see pictures and I dont know how to put them on my blog, HELP!!!! Just tell me how and I will be forever grateful. My dear friend Liz has already dedicated a whole evening to showing my computer-retared self how to do it and I hate to ask her again because then she will know how really stupid I am. K if you help me the sooner I can show you all the beautiful day. loves and hugs!