Thursday, March 12, 2009

A moment for Mommy

So last night we were getting ready for bed and Dallin and I were just sitting on our bed. I looked over at Drew and said "Oh man this belly is getting big!" Drew was rubbing my belly and said " Well, yeah but it's cute!" And then this is the conversation that followed:
Dallin: Mommy, Can I hold Cotter?
Me: Um , no not for a few more weeks, but then you can.
Dallin: Why cuz?
Me: Just because he is in my belly growing big before we can hold him.
Dallin: Can I kiff (kiss) Cotter?
Me: Yeah, you can kiss my belly.
Dallin: (Talking and rubbing my belly) Hi Cotter, I kiff you, I ub you. I wanna hold you. I pay trucks wis you. Bye baby budder, see you gator gator.
Me: Crying to hard to say anything else.

Well, after that I am now sure that Carter knows that his brother loves him very much. Dallin is such a loving kid and he is so excited to be a big brother.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh Wow what a weekend!

K so my weekend totally sucked. I started to not feel good on Wednesday and I told Drew my neck was hurting really bad. So I woke up on Thursday and decided that I might die, it hurt so bad. So I called my Dr., who was more than caring to listen to a whining pregnant girl at 8 o'clock at night, and told him that I was in a ton of pain. He told me to try to sleep one more night and if it got worse to go to the after hours. So Friday I start to feel a wee bit better but I wanted to make sure that I didnt have something serious. So Drew and I went to an after hours clinic to get checked out. The diagnosis-a strained neck muscle. Yeah right, you mean my neck has been broken, that is how bad I felt. So I was prescribed a muscle relaxer and told to sleep it off. Well guess what, Saturday night I thought it was over and done for me. I told Drew to just take me to the ER because I know that it is not a strained neck muscle. So off to the ER we go on Saturday and 9 p.m. and luckily it was a slow night and we got right in. Diagnosis-How about influenza A. Yeah that would explain why my head feels like it is going to explode. The Dr was so nice and made sure I was comfortable and off to home we came. I dont feel much better but I am glad I dont have a rare disease like I thought I did. So what other health problems can I get? I am 6 months pregnant, have Influenza A, and I also have high blood pressure. Wow, could it get any worse? No, but luckily as usual Drew has been great and in less that 3 months I will be holding a brand new baby boy! I cant wait!