Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My mom was meant to be a grandma!

Wow are Karlee and I lucky! So Tuesday my mom had the day off and she came over to hang out with Jaxson, Dallin and I. She loves these boys more than anything in this world and when she gets the day off she always wants to spend it with them. So I leave and run a few errands and my mom stayed at my house with the boys. I was gone for about an hour and when I got home, I stood at the door in tears wathcing my mom play with Jaxson and Dallin. The reason-my mom was playing "drawbridge" with the boys. She would put a blanket across the ottoman of the chair and lay it on the couch, she would hold the blanket and let the boys take turns walking across it, when the boys got to the middle she would let go of the blanket slide and the boys would fall into the "quicksand". Kind of a dangerous game for a Registered Nurse to be playing with her grandkids. Oh well, they had a blast. Apparently she had been playing this since I left and she continued to play it for about another hour. My mom has been such a great support system to my family and we would not know what to do without her. She has so much fun playing with the boys and she loves to take them to do whatever they want. As many of you know, she also spoils them to a disgusting degree. They only wear the same thing maybe twice. However aside from the material things she does for our kids, she also spends most of her spare time with them.My mom was meant to be a Grandma. One of the many things my mom does that I just love is, Every month she buys a book for each of her grandchildren. She writes a special note in the front so that everytime they open it they will read her note and know how much she loves them. Dallin loves for me to read the notes to him, he always points at them and says "Gommy" I love my mom with all of my heart and I think she is a wonderful Grandmother, and mother. I am who I am because of her.