Monday, November 2, 2009

Run the bases!

So for the last two years my brother and Drew have been putting together a softball team. They love it and the kids and I love to come and watch them play! Dallin has become obsessed with softball and "runnin the bases". He is such an active boy and he loves to watch his Dad and Uncle play. Well, a few weeks ago it was to cold for me and Carter to go but Dallin just had to go with Gommy and watch the game. When my mom brought Dallin and Drew home she pulled me aside and told me a story that ultimately put me in tears! I guess their team played that last game of the night and after the game Dallin went running out onto the field to meet Drew, the two began to walk the bases! :,) It brought tears to not only my moms eyes, but to my brother as well! My Mom said she was speechless! She said she was amazed at how much fun Dallin was having with his Dad by doing something so simple! So recently I witnessed this myself! It is all that Dallin will talk about! Sounds silly, but I truly am so grateful for the father that Drew is to our boys! Thanks babe, I cant tell you enough how much I love and appreciate all that you do for us! Love you to the moon!

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