Sunday, May 10, 2009

A wonderful Mothers Day!

My day was beautiful! I cooked breakfast for my entire family (I loved it). Then we got to visit our Mothers and Grandmother. What a wonderful day to celebrate Moms. I then spent the day with my husband and my son, who are the two reasons I am a mother. Thank you so much Drew and Dallin I love you both with all my heart! I also want to say how much I love and appreciate all my Mom, Kathy, has done for our family. She not only set the Mother standard, she continues to be a great example to her kids and Grandkids.
Funny thing going on for the Field girls (me and my sister Karlee) and my brothers wife Kristen (who is a Field girl now) we are all very PREGNANT!!!! We must have drank the same water or something. I am still not sure of how it happened, however, we are so excited! I am due in June, Karlee is due September 5th and Kristen is due September 30th. So much fun! My Mom is so excited she can hardly stand it. Karlee is having a girl (the first one) and Kristen is getting a sweet little boy. I think it is so funny that all of my Moms daughters are pregnant. We are taking lots of pictures, it might not happen this way again.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Nothing going on lately!

The VanDyke house has been, well, pretty lame lately. Nothing really exciting, just getting the house ready for the little bundle of boy-joy that will be here in less than 6 weeks. We are getting so excited and Dallin asks me everyday if his "budder" is here yet! We have moved Dallin into a big boy bed and he loves it! He runs in there every night to sleep and for naps. Drew has been very busy at work and I know he is a little stressed. I am feeling very, very good for once and I am so glad. Our Dr.'s say that Carter is looking wonderful and that he is just shy of 4 1/2 pounds.
Just a side note here. Really it has nothing to do with the previous paragraph. I feel like the luckiest woman alive! I have a very loving and supportive husband, he is the strength of our family and I know that without his dedication to his family we would not be the family that we are. Drew tells me at least twice a day, "Thank you so much for staying home with our babies and taking such good care of them!" Enough said. I have a son who continues to amaze me everyday. He wakes up with a smile on his face every morning and I love that he appreciates lifes small pleasures. Yes, I get frustrated with him, and that is the best thing about parenting. No matter how mad a child makes you, you still have this unconditional love for them. Dallin loves his Daddy and it is so sweet to see the relationship that he has formed with his Dad. Their favorite thing to do lately is to read. Dallin listens so well and he just wants to absorb everything that the book contains.
Anyway, I just think sometimes I might not be the most appreciative person in this world. But I truly am. I love my family. Their is really no other way to say it.