Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Carter Update!

Drew and I went and saw our Perinatologist on Wednesday, and..........Carter looks great. His growth his right on track and they took a 4D ultrasound, and he is the sweetest thing ever. He looks just like Dallin. Kind of weird. Drew was glad he was able to go with me because he missed the last appointment and work has been crazy busy. I now have to have a Non-Stress Test twice a week until Carter is born. I am at very high risk for still births because of my chronic hyper-tension. I think I can do it! Maybe just eight weeks left. I am so excited and I am cant wait to finally meet our little angel.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I just have to brag!

So the VanDyke house got some great news Thursday night. Drew got a promotion working for the same company just doing something a little different. He is the new Quality Control for SLC. It was a great job oppurtunity for him and I am so proud of him for getting the new position. He will be commuting everyday, which is okay because he has a company truck, and he will be doing most of his work at the new City Creek Center in downtown. I am very proud of the choice that he has made and I love him so much. A giant leap forward for us! He is really missing his friends though and that has been the hardest thing for him to do and one of the reasons he was wondering if he should take the job! He will still see them on occasion and he hopes that they will keep in touch with him and that their friendships will stay strong. In the end friends are all ya got really! I just had to brag because I am so proud of all he has done for himself and for this family. Love you sweetie!